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Since I was 16 years old,  I've been passionate about the world of sunglasses. While participating in international trade fairs, I had the chance to come into contact with many situations.  I remember that, wandering around different pavillons and exhibition spaces, I was fascinated and sometimes enchanted by the varieties of shapes, colours, models, lines characterizing the world of sunglasses. From that passion and emotions I came up with the idea of producing my own sunglass collection, something unique that doesn't simply stop to the concept of accessory to be worn, but that marks a person's face.

Thanks to my love for nature I bumped into an extremely interesting and innovative sustainable material, the Sikalindi® that comes from Apulia, Italy. It is obtained by dehydrating prickly pear paddles, a very widespread plat in my land. This pollutant-free process, that doesn't harm the plant, creates a unique and polished material. The natural textures of the vegetable fibre turn into sunglasses, making them not only an accessory of great view impact, but also a refined design and surprisingly natural object, where the grabbing-attention grain inebriates those people who watch them.

I don't expect anything from this project, so that everything will be a surprise. What is really important to me is working with passion and having fun, while doing it.

I hope to have more sparkling ideas to create new collections with different and innovative materials.

Cristiano Ferilli